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October 31st, 2008

04:32 pm
mayhem! dnb!

and...daria in there somewhere ;)

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October 29th, 2008

12:12 pm
Josh's Aunt Jen brought over some steaks and a bottle of wine for his birthday, so we could have a nice dinner!
How sweet of her =)

We had them for dinner last night, and it was DELECTABLE! (does anyone actually use that word seriously?)

Asparagus, salad, filets wrapped with bacon and cooked most excelently, and a yummy cabernet sauvignon.
Oh and good company ;)

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September 21st, 2008

07:55 pm
yay for weekends!

boo for working fifteen hours yesterday.

i got passes to go see "Flash of Genius" on thursday, and I took my mom and Josh's mom. It was a little slow, but I liked the story. Its a struggle I haven't spent much time considering. Its a fairly common joke, stealing ideas/patents, but for that to actually happen would be heartbreaking. Dr. Kearns' actions and will power must mean a lot to a lot of people...

I finally took Jackson to powerplay on friday to use his christmas giftcard, and i got in some much needed DDR time. lol.

yesterday was like bizarro starbucks land where nothing in my life existed outside of sbux, but at least the store i opened at was SO. SLOW. that my co-worker and I got to sit on the counter and actually do the entire KC star crossword puzzle.

i did try to go to the art fair between shifts and get some sausage on a stick but i couldn't find a parking spot so i slept in my car for an hour and a half instead.


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September 4th, 2008

03:27 pm
Current Mood: lovedloved

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August 31st, 2008

03:01 pm
be safe


if i prayed, i would be

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August 29th, 2008

05:06 pm
Well, life has completely changed from where I was six months ago.

I remember sitting there about that time thinking to myself that everything was going too smoothly, that everything had been the same for too long, imagining that very soon all that I knew in day to day life would be different.

Breaking up with Mike has been the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life. I am still struggling with residual feelings/anger/mistrust/broken heartedness, which is to be expected... I knew in my heart that we weren't right together, but that didn't keep me from loving him deeply. That made things even more unbearable when he treated me like he did. However, this opened me up for a much more promising relationship.

I transferred stores, which is a fairly big deal considering I was at 75th street for 3 years. I truly miss working there, not only my co-workers, but my customers... many from both groups I consider friends. My new store is in a much different kind of neighborhood, and I'm slowly adjusting. It has been hard finding my place there, but I already love it.

Undergrad is almost over. I only have 16 hours left to graduate, 13 of which I am taking this semester. I decided to take the final three in the spring semester, because then I will get another year's installment of tuition reimbursement. As much as I want to graduate in December, Its hard to turn down $750 in free money.

I am taking Philosophy of Law, Forensics, Trial Process, and a writing class. I plan a combination of my performance and interest in these classes and my LSAT scores from helping me decide on attending law school.

My final class will be online, and this will hopefully allow me to get my spring student loans in addition to reimbursement. I plan on this arrangement giving me to opportunity to go to New Zealand in April for Molly's wedding, and stay for a while... I'm looking for suggestions as to other places I should put on my itinerary, because I think this is my best chance to travel. I don't have rent to worry about, will have loan money, and I will have 80 vacation hours saved up by then. This will give me at least a month off of work without worrying about insurance eligibility.

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April 24th, 2008

10:21 am

$15.42 a share??

in light of recession and my impending medical bills, combined with the unfortunate travel of my box full of shoes to denver, i bought these:

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December 3rd, 2007

04:59 pm
"hi, i'm sorry but i'm very impatient, i've been on hold for a long time and i've already gone through all of these questions. i just want to cancel my xm radio account."

"ok, i'm sorry about that. what i'm going to do for you is lower your rate to 9.99 a month for the next three months"

"No, i just want to cancel my account."

"well, what i will do is give you the next three months absolutely free, and then at the end of the three months you may contact us again"

"NO, i said i want to CANCEL my account!"

"well, i'm sorry to hear that, please let us know if you are interested in renewing your subscription"


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November 30th, 2007

03:05 pm
not so little puppy anymoreCollapse )

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August 24th, 2007

11:00 am
oh, the shame!

i definitely took someone else's drink when i stopped at another starbucks yesterday.

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